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These Broken Worlds Mentioned on Tor.com and Other Updates

— feeling happy


Yesterday turned into an interesting and wholly fulfilling day. I finished proofreading my story “The Last Devil” for our forthcoming anthology (Kōsalogy) Interspecies and added a crucial scene and submitted the story to fresh eyes for scrutiny. It goes off to the editor after that. The latest changes pushed the word count over 25k. but I’m sure the editor will cut it down to size in due course.


There is specific news that I am dying to share, but it’s not yet ripe for public consumption. If it will make you feel any better, I am really battling to keep it under wraps. Just know that it is art related.


And then, in other related news, our recent Kōsalogy These Broken Worlds got a brief mention on Tor.com’s Aurora Australis. It felt pretty awesome.


As you know These Broken Worlds is a precursor to Interspecies. We published the collection to introduce readers to our shared universe and to give you a taste of what we have in store for you. Our stories span the spectrum of tastes and interests and I just know that whatever your flavor may be, you’ll find something of worth in this Kōsalogy to enjoy.


The synopsis for “The Last Devil” will be released in a few weeks, but what I can tell you is this: it’s my first foray into military science fiction and there is a lot of action and even a little romance. Researching future technologies and real-world implications of a nuclear fallout turned out some interesting tidbits, but I probably said too much.


Oh, well.




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