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Interviewing The Collective SF: Xavier Granville


I have interviewed people in my professional capacity as a lawyer and I have given author interviews about my work, but I have never interviewed another author or artist for my blog or anywhere else for that matter. Of course, I’ve toyed with the idea and I may have mentioned it once or twice on here, but somehow, with all the looming projects and the unpredictability of life, I never took it any further.


Today all of that changes.


Today’s post features my first interview with another author. And it’s not just any author. He is a fellow member of The Collective SF Apart from being a talented writer, he is also a musician, a filmmaker and an artist. Known for his sense of humor and his ability to steer from on-topic to off, and let’s not forget his utter obsession with all things Doctor Who, I am proud to have the privilege of working with him. Please welcome Canadian author, Xavier Granville.


Xavier’s début novel, Dinosaur Noir: Curse of the Diamond Heart, is so off the wall different to what you’d usually get in a hardboiled noir type tale, I had to find out his reasons for writing this story, which is apparently the first book in a planned series.


Also, Xavier designed my cover for Hameln-13 and he’s designing the covers for the rest of the books coming from The Collective SF. Clearly the situation begged for an interview. I wanted to know more about this hybrid of talent and why he writes what he writes. Check out the interview here!